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Imagine you are driving home after a party. You had a few drinks but you feel fine. You mistakenly make a turn without signaling or you swerve over the center yellow line. The police pull you over. The police officer asks you for your driver’s license and registration. The officer senses something is wrong and he asks you to exit the vehicle. You have the following features:

-Bloodshot and watery eyes

-Strong smell of alcoholic beverage on your breath

-Slurred Speech

-Unsteadiness on your feet

The police officer is going to ask you if you’ve been drinking. He will want you to take a field sobriety test, a screening test and a breathalyzer exam. Regardless of your consent to these exams, you will be arrested for operating the vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Not only may you obtain a criminal record for this offense, but your privileges to drive in the State of New York will be suspended. Refusal to consent to a breathalyzer exam will result in the immediate suspension of your driving privileges.