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The Law Offices of Charles Andrew Miller are dedicated to providing high quality representation to our clients. We specialize in all aspects of criminal defense and vehicle/traffic litigation. Our offices are strategically located within New York City, in close proximity to all of the city’s courts. We are also only a short distance to the Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester County Courts. We are available for representation throughout New York State.

Your reputation and integrity are of utmost importance to us. We will fight to steadfastly protect your rights within the confines of our ethical responsibilities to the law and the New York State Rules of Professional Responsibility.

We understand the pain and anguish that a criminal case can bring to bear on an individual and the entire family. Likewise, vehicle/traffic violations can greatly strain a person’s resources and can threaten a cherished freedom we all take for granted: the ability to drive. You deserve to have someone in your corner fighting for you. This office will do just that.

This web site will provide you with a great deal of information on the nature of the criminal justice process in New York. It also provides an overview on and resources links regarding vehicle/traffic law practice. No web site can provide the full extent of information needed to evaluate a particular case. This site is merely a guide and should not be utilized in lieu of speaking with a competent criminal law practitioner.

Our fees are competitive with most practitioners in the field. No two cases are the same, and a fee for each particular case is structured accordingly.